When planning a project’s next steps, it is important to have a good overview of progress and developments. Overview is also the keyword when identifying where to implement a particular measure and to assure the safety and stability of constructions and installations. Geopartner Inspections assures you such an overview by using ongoing monitoring that uses the latest technologies.

We use the latest technology to monitor construction projects to produce an overview of what progress has been made. This overview can be used to report and plan continued work and construction site optimisations. It also results in improved communication with citizens, partners and other stakeholders.

The use of ongoing monitoring also allows us to contribute to climate-related initiatives. Here we produce overviews of developments in issues such as invasive plant species like giant hogweed and rosa rugosa. By monitoring and documenting the species’ development on an ongoing basis, we are able to obtain data that provides an overview of their status and progress in initiatives to combat them, and of areas where tougher and more intensive measures need to be taken.

By using highly precise measurement and calculation methods, monitoring can be used to monitor and check the integrity of constructions such as bridges, tunnels, buildings, roads and railways, as well as the stability and basic safety of railway lines.

We specialise in the development and implementation of the best quality monitoring programmes, to satisfy your specific needs and requirements. We apply the best methods and use the best instrumentation in the surveying industry, delivering precision and high productivity at prices that are extremely competitive.

We always quality-assure data and document the results in the form of figures, graphics and visualisations to ensure you the best possible overview.

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