The Earth’s surface is constantly rising and falling at the same time as global sea levels are rising. We are experts in the measurement and calculation of how these changes can influence the service life and functionality of installations both above and below ground and are able to advise about the resulting consequences for your particular project.

Vertical ground motion subject to massive regional and local variations. When combined with rising sea and water levels, these changes are of great significance to many regions and industries.

In coastal areas, knowledge about ground motion and rising water levels is essential when climate-proofing land areas against the forces of nature and ensuring that dykes are sufficient in strength and height to be able to cope with a raging storm.

Knowledge about ground motion is also pivotal when building or renovating drains, sewers and pipelines. As little as a few millimetres of local vertikal ground motion annually can prevent operation and significantly reduce the service life of installations, with resulting extensive economic consequences.

We are specialists in the measurement and calculation of vertical ground motion and associating the results with rising water levels. This combination can be used to project various scenarios, a value proposition when working on climate adaptation and within the utilities supply sector.

We offer specified consulting services based on measurement surveys and calculations. We use well-documented methods in combination with the newest technologies, producing thorough, quality-assured tailor-made solutions that are customised to your particular project.

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