We perform high-quality high-precision measurements to serve as the basis for models and calculations that will give you essential knowledge when implementing construction projects, climate proofing and supply-related projects.

Using the latest technology, we perform high-quality measurements. We are able to use this knowledge to take precise terrain models of lakes, watercourses and wetlands that are essential elements of climate projects. (see project that involves drone georadar mapping of water depths and sediment layer thickness her). Or we can make precise volumetric calculations of quantities of raw materials and resources which is important knowledge for utility supply companies or in connection with construction projects.

Our specialists assure precise results, effective measurements and calculations, as well as increased safety. We provide quality-assured data, reports and documentation for use in calculations.

Precision levelling allows us to determine differentiated ground motion subsidience in area of interest, such as when conducting larger-scale construction projects, pipeline works in town centre districts, laying pre-stressed railway lines etc.

We are experts in performing measurement surveys and providing relevant advice. We are also able to assist in the configuration of larger-scale monitoring programmes for use by contractors, authorities or insurance companies for use as insurance documentation.

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Rasmus Hjorth Andersen
Field Operations Manager, team manager Geopartner Inspections
Mobile +45 4272 9932