Inspections are the cornerstone of maintenance that is essential if assets and installations are to be assured a long service life. Inspections therefore have a central role in the operations of many organisations.

Thanks to our expertise in inspections, we are able to optimise your operations and maintenance by allowing you to transition from scheduled maintenance to less resource-intensive maintenance based upon actual condition. This also means reduced maintenance-related downtime for installations.

Inspections allow us to control and document installations and related factors, assuring an overview of where to take steps with regard to maintenance:

We use high-end inspection equipment and methods, including laser scanners, drones and photographic equipment. We deliver complete and thoroughly tested results to a high degree of detail, making it easy for you to review, analyse and locate any errors and deficiencies that require rectification. 

We are able to assist within the context of larger-scale indoor and outdoor renovation projects, using precise 3D models to assure the correct design basis.

We work onshore and offshore and possess the required insurances and safety certifications to operate in both environments.

We are experts in inspections and assist customers that include utilities supply providers, infrastructure operators, climate and real estate administration. We will certainly also be able to assist you.

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Rasmus Hjorth Andersen
Field Operations Manager, team manager Geopartner Inspections
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