By focusing on inspections and measurement surveys, we are able to help utility companies visualise their requirements relative to maintenance of their installations and their stockpiles of valuable resources. We also advise about how to safeguard systems and installations against ground subsidence and deformation.

Highly precise, top quality measurements allow us to quantitatively calculate your resources, thus assuring you a valuable overview of your ongoing supply reserves. 

Vertical ground motion pose a threat to utilities suppliers’ installations and supply systems. By documenting results, we are able to consult about ground subsidence when laying new pipelines or when maintaining or operating existing pipelines.

We assist large and small supply companies all over Denmark and can also help you. Contact us to discuss how.

The drone survey was very detailed and produced some high-quality technical plans. I certainly expect that we will use this method again in jobs that we have to perform in future.

Trine Dam Larsen

Kolding’s local supply company needed to expand a rainwater basin. We flew our drone over the area to produce a precise volumetric calculation of the basin.