Completed: C17 Thyborøn Town and Harbour – Climate, sewers and subsidience

This sub-project was part of the EU-Life supported Coast to Coast Climate Challenge project.

vertikaleSatellite data for vertical ground motion, Thyborøn. The map shows corrected ground motion in absolute scale (2D product; 80 x 80 m grid). 

Geopartner Inspections has developed and tested a new method in collaboration with the C17, Lemvig Municipality and Lemvig Water partnership. The method uses satellite data to monitor, map and project local vertical ground motion and its effect on infrastructure. This is combined with mapping and projection of rising sea levels. When these two sets of data are combined, it is possible to precisely project the rate at which land and sea levels are becoming closer to one another and what this will mean for infrastructure, both above and below ground.

The work was conducted in Thyborøn and resulted in a report titled “C17 Thyborøn By og Havn – Klima, kloak og sætninger” (in English – C17 Thyborøn Town and Harbour – Climate, sewers and subsidience), which draws conclusions that are pertinent and transferable to municipalities and supply providers throughout Denmark, especially in areas which have problems with ground subsidience.