Geopartner Inspections is working on a variety of large-scale projects. These projects involve partners from private companies and the public sector. Several of these projects have been awarded funding by Danish or international authorities or agencies.


ESA-backed project on the practical application of satellite data about ground motion for various target groups.

Click here to read the description of the InSARinSub project

Thyborøn Town and Harbour – Climate, sewers and subsidience

Project on the use of satellite data to monitor, map and project vertical ground motion and their effect on infrastructure and interaction with climate-induced increased bodies of water. The project is backed by EU Life and is a sub-project of the Coast To Coast Climate Challenge project.

Click here to read the report from the project

Mapping the depth of water and the thickness of sediment layers using drone-mounted georadar


Project on the use of drones in the automatic inspection of high voltage power lines and masts. Read about the project here