Personal Data Policy (GDPR)

1. The purpose of this policy

1.1 This personal data policy regulates all trade, interactions or other exchanges of personal data with Geopartner Landinspektører (GP) and Geopartner Inspections (GPI).

1.2 The purpose of this personal data policy is to make you aware of how our company processes personal data. It is the goal of GP and GPI to ensure that you are aware of what data is collected, processed and, if possible, for how long it is stored.

2. Why do we process information about you?

2.1 We process your details so that we can contact you and take care of our customer relationship with you.

2.2 Within the context of our fulfilment of the customer relationship in item 2.1, it may in certain circumstances be necessary for us to collect data about neighbours, landowners and administrators.

One such example might be road separation cases where information about owners of land adjacent to the road is collected so that we can fulfil our duty to inform them.

The same applies to when registering pipeline systems to the land register where information about affected landowners is obtained so they can be contacted about compensation agreements and land registration.

3. What information do we collect?

3.1 We process the following information about you:

3.2 We collect this data from public registers, such as the Property Tax Register (ESR) and the land registers (Tingbogen/Matriklen etc.).

4. How will we process your data?

4.1 Your data will be processed by employees of GP and GPI for the purposes stated in item 2 above. Your information will also be shared with:

4.2 At no time will your data be transferred to countries outside the EU, so it will therefore be protected at all times by EU regulations on the protection of personal data.

5. For how long do we store information about you?

5.1 Personal data is deleted five (5) years after the purpose for which it was collected has been completed.

6. Your rights

6.1 Personal data regulations give you a number of fundamental rights when we collect information about you, including the right to insight into what data we process about you.

6.2 You can read more about your rights at where you can also lodge a complaint if you feel that your data has not been processed correctly.

6.3 If you have any questions about parts of this policy, you are very welcome to contact our personal data coordinator at:

6.4 We reserve the right to update and change these guidelines for the processing of personal data. Significant changes will be presented in the form of a visible notification on our website.

7. Version

7.1 This personal data policy was last amended on 08/03/2021.