Strategic partnership between Geopartner and world-leading company in ground displacement measurements from satellite radar data

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Geopartner has entered into a partnership with TRE Altamira, a world leader in the use of radar satellite images for ground motion monitoring. This new partnership will give private and public sector companies access to accurate information on ground motion on which to base decisions about construction, infrastructure and maintenance projects. 

Ground motion has a major impact on many public and private sector companies as upheaval and subsidence impacts the durability, stability and functionality of structures such as roads, bridges, buildings, pipelines and harbours. Precise mapping and analyses of ground motion at the local scale is therefore of great value to several sectors, including transport and infrastructure, oil and gas, climate adjustment, building/infrastructure and utility.

Understanding ground motion can save money

Subsidence may cause damage to buildings, roads and bridges and may also impact the service life of coastal defences or wastewater pipelines nationwide. Thus, the impact of ground motion can be very costly to private and public sector companies, especially when damage is not noticed in due time.

– The cause of damages is often complex, but with the proper tools for monitoring, mapping and predicting ground motion we are able to predict problems and get to grips with them at an early stage” says Niels Broge (Senior consultant and business developer in Geopartner) and continues – Ensuring the long-lasting functionality of vital structures such as waste water pipelines, coastal defences and climate adjustment measures can lead to significant savings in asset management

The best possible basis for decision-making

Translating knowledge of ground motion into information that is of use to companies, relies on frequent updates and ongoing recalculations using the newest satellite data to monitor movements of fx bridges, quays and roads. This requires in-depth knowledge about data processing and analysis, which is where TRE Altamira excels, as well as reliable reference data of the highest quality, which is Geopartner’s area of expertise.

Geopartner senior project manager and board chairman Søren Holst is looking forward to the partnership.

– With the new partnership we can ensure that we offer the best possible data and services for our customers. The data will be based on state-of-the-art technology and calibrated with accurate ground measured reference data. This will enable reliable simulations of future flooding scenarios and facilitate better assessment of infrastructure investments. Together with TRE Altamira, Geopartner will offer our customers new and better solutions to monitor and map ground motion, including subsidence, seasonal variations and more.

About TRE Altamira

TRE Altamira is globally recognised as the leading provider of ground motion mapping and monitoring services based on satellite InSAR technology.  In over 20 years’ history, TREA has developed InSAR into a widely adopted solution for the Civil Engineering, Oil&Gas and Mining sectors and for Geohazards monitoring.  TREA is a CLS group company and operates worldwide providing clients with reliable and timely information on how their areas of interest are changing over time to mitigate risks, optimise operations and plan future activities.

Geopartner is one of Denmark’s leading land inspections companies and advises citizens, companies and public sector stakeholders in a large number of areas of expertise. Geopartner employs approx. 230 employees, working from 26 offices all over Denmark.

TRE Altamira (TREA) is part of the CLS group.

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Niels Henrik Broge
Mobil +45 4131 8534