Measuring basins with drone-mounted sonar

Geopartner has for some years performed surveys of basins, lakes, rivers, streams and fjords, etc. for use in applications such as volume calculations, hydraulic modelling, purification planning etc. Common to these projects is that they have been prepared in close dialogue with the customer in order to be able to provide data that suits the customer’s specific needs.

To accommodate customers’ needs for the surveying of smaller and difficult to access basins, Geopartner Inspections has continuously developed its surveying methods – most recently with a sonar device mounted to an RTK based drone. Using drone technology allows us to produce surveys of GPS quality, while at the same time significantly reducing costs for the mobilisation of crew and equipment

The new drone-based bathymetric surveying system means that Geopartner Inspections has a full range of measurement methods at its disposal;

We can therefore choose the best and most effective surveying method for the task. For larger or more complex tasks, we are able to draw on our new partner SensorSurvey, so there is no surveying task we cannot handle, or data format we cannot provide.

Information about basin measurement

Smaller basins and lakes, which can be difficult to access by boat, are measured using drone-mounted sonar.

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