New SDFE catalogue, including examples of how customers are using satellite data

Radar reflectors on the ground catch and reflect satellite signals

Geopartner Inspections has joined the “space team”.

SDFE (The Danish government’s Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency) has just released a publication cataloguing Danish Uses of Capernicus – 50 User Stories Based on Earth ObservationGeopartner is the main author of three of the user stories about the use in real life of satellite data about ground motion (Climate adjustment/projection of elevation model/Thyborøn; Satellite-based Surveillance of Natural Gas Storage in Lille Torup; Effective Screening for Risk of Settlement in Construction Work).

The catalogue containing the various use cases came out on 28 January. Visit SDFE’s website to read the catalogue containing Geopartner and other use cases here .

Direct link to the catalogue here: Danish Copernicus use scenarios