Geopartner’s satellite business strengthened by recruitment of a new radar expert

We are pleased to announce that Geopartner has recruited Vincent Phelep on 15 October, an expert in the processing and interpretation of radar satellite images.

Vincent qualified as an engineer at DTU Space. He is a Frenchman and studied in Bordeaux (from where he originates) and Nantes. He arrived in Denmark three years ago to study earth and space physics at DTU, where he quickly decided to focus on radar technologies and satellite measurements.

Vincent will work with the other members of our skilled radar team to continue developing Geopartner’s calculations capacity. Our goal is that Geopartner should be able to deliver on every demand that our customers may have for the calculation and documentation of ground motion, including the production, configuration, mapping and interpretation of data from radar reflectors.

Vincent’s MSc thesis used Aarhus as a project area and included visits to Geo, who are one of Geopartner’s close collaborators. DTU Space awarded him a Danish grade 12 for his thesis and exam presentation.

This is almost a perfect match for Geopartner, who are working as part of a close partnership with Geo and DTU Space to complete a project supported by the European Space Agency (ESA), who are also using Aarhus as a project area.

We are therefore giving Vincent a big welcome!