Drone rainwater basin survey in Kolding

Kolding's local supply company needed to expand a rainwater basin. We assisted with a drone survey, the results of which would be able to be used (among other things) to calculate the basin’s volume.

As part of BlueKolding’s rainwater basin expansion, we put our drone in the air to survey the basin and the new terrain and then conduct a panoramic overview of the basin.

The survey would be used to calculate the liquid and storage volume of the basin and to calculate soil quantity volumes. The flight was hampered by poor weather forecasts and a nearby no-fly zone. Despite these challenges, our drone pilot Rasmus was able to complete the task and our customer was pleased with the final results.

The drone survey was very detailed and produced some high-quality technical plans. I certainly expect that we will use this method again in jobs that we have to perform in future saysTrine Dam Larsen, BlueKolding.