Animation video explaining the InSARinSub activity by Geopartner and GEO

This 2½ minute animation video explains the objectives of the InSARinSub activity and the products and services that are developed as part of the project.

Geopartner develops products on ground movements calculated from satellite data. The new products will be brought to market under the name Map GM. The products will be available as WMS / WFS services and through query API

Geo develops a geological 3D model as a supplement to their GeoAtlas Live 2D solution.

The combination of geological and geotechnical information and ground motion information is – as explained in more detail in the animation video – potentially very valuable for climate adaptation and planning as well as for the utility and construction sectors. However, this information also carries great value for other sectors.

If you do not see the video please click on this link.

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Niels Henrik Broge
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