Geopartner Inspections performs a wide variety of inspections within climate, infrastructure, supply and real estate. The common denominator for our work is high quality standards and professional consulting services, regardless of whether our inspections are performed by drone, GPS or laser scanner. We make it easy to perform inspections, allowing you to concentrate on your core competencies.

How do we perform inspections?

We obtain data that would be hard to access using traditional methods. We continuously invest in new high-end technology and deal with the entire process; from initial consulting to permits, insurance and data processing. This gives you greater safety, faster response times, cost reductions and significantly improved inspection results than are possible using traditional inspection methods.

Based on your requirements, we deliver complete, customised solutions that are ready for integration. After the inspection, you will receive high quality, precise processed data that will allow you to evaluate the material and use the new knowledge as a basis for initiatives that will add value to your company. 

We advise and produce solutions based on a 360 degree perspective, where we use our expertise and experience to involve the necessary methods and partners to produce a complete, optimal solution that will add value, now and in the future.

Regardless of whether you work within utility, infrastructure, climate related function, real estate administration or something completely different, do not hesitate to share your challenge with us. We specialise in developing the right solutions for our customers.

Part of a bigger context

Behind Geopartner Inspections is Geopartner Landinspektører – one of Denmark’s leading consulting land surveying companies, with over 230 employees nationally. This gives us flexibility and the ability to draw on one another’s expertise. Geopartner Landinspektører is our source for traditional land surveying expertise, expertise that is often essential to the work that we do.

Together, we are strong and ready to simplify your complex inspections.

Worldwide activities

We have offices all over Denmark and operate worldwide on selected projects and services