Final conference of the InSARinSub project – Dec. 2021

Geopartner Inspections’ project about practical usage of satellite data is completed.

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See Geopartner’s video presentation given at IWA (World Water Congress)

Our Chief Consultant Niels Broge gave an interesting presentation interesting presentation ” Impacts of land subsidence and subsurface properties on water management” on the IWA World Water Congress.

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Georadar in application

Geopartner Inspections is testing Georadar (ground penetration radar) as a method of surveying rainwater basins, watercourses and lakes.

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FILM: ESA-supported project described in 2½ min.

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Geopartner Inspections

Geopartner Inspections specialises in the performance of complex inspection and monitoring tasks. Based on your requirements, we provide valuable insights and data and will advice you about how to use this knowledge to maximum benefit.

Drone surveys produce measurements that are more precise and far less time intensive than the methods that were used previously. Safety also factors in, as we no longer have to send somebody up one of our massive coal stacks.

Lars Ipsen
Operations manager, Aalborg Portland

We make precision measurements of Aalborg Portland’s coal stocks to ensure they have a precise insight into their ongoing stock of resources.